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I made this tumblr to show my gratitude for great songs of any genre. The main thing I look for is an addicting tune with well written lyrics. Give it a listen and if you have any questions, concerns, or music suggestions, just send me a message

Madeon [Feat. Collin McLoughlin]- Icarus (Collin McLoughlin Vocal Edit)

The original version of this song (the instrumental) did not catch me the way this one has.  I never took too much time to think about why it was titled Icarus despite the fact that I have always loved mythology.  Once I saw heard the lyrics, it was impossible to not analyze every aspect of it in light of the mythological story.

Collin McLoughlin artistically touches on the story of Icarus with his lyrics.  He hits all of the key points in the story that have made it one of the greatest pieces of symbolism of all time.  First, he paints a serene picture contrasting the sun and sea, much like Pieter Bruegel’s painting Fall of Icarus.  McLoughlin may be singing from the point of view of Daedalus (Icarus’ father who constructed his wings) and/or Icarus himself, but either way his voice soars throughout the song.  He conveys a genuine feeling of emotional loss in the line, “I can’t bear to be alone now.”  More importantly, he captures the tone of hubris in his overconfident claim, “I will get there.”  However, as he repeats the line a third time, he hold on to the word “there.”  Then, his voice flutters and fails, much like the wings of Icarus.  All of this is taking place as the beat itself rises peacefully.  And then, there is the crashing drop of violent pop-dance mayhem Madeon is famous for.

The story of Icarus is applicable to anyone trying to achieve a goal.  It is an ode to the importance of aspirations and the beauty in youthful confidence, but also a warning of the potential dangers that come with hubris.  The tale of Icarus is also a touching story of a father trying to empower and free his son.  Daedalus’ own mistakes are what force him build wings so that he and his son may escape the prison he built.  Just like most fathers, Daedalus asks his son to follow his pattern of flight, but in the end he can only watch as his son is plucked from the sky by hubris.  The line, “I will get there,” captures both Icarus’ desire to reach the sun and Daedalus’ desire to catch his falling son.  Sadly, neither reaches their goal.  Icarus falls to his death and Daedalus is left alone.  The song perfectly captures their shared moment of want and desire to get somewhere.  Madeon and McLoughlin have created an epic song in their joint telling of the tragic, but beautiful story of Icarus.

“The sunlight dances off in the distance
Past the maze and all its men
An endless wait and for this moment
For ocean sand to turn to pearls
Spread your wings and take my hand
Let’s fly now
Leave this ancient tower still alive
And if you find yourself in danger
Know that I’ll be close behind
I will get there
I will get there
I will get there”

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